About us

Founded in 2013, Oriental Hospitality Group (OHG) is the leading enterprise in the hospitality and tourism industry in Vietnam. OHG is proud to own a chain of 6 luxurious boutique hotels located in the centre of Hanoi Old Quarters bringing professional and top quality service. Being a pioneer in one of the most competitive and fast- changing industries, OHG sets to become and always maintains as a premium hotel service provider domestically and internationally.



OHG was established with the mission to bring customers Boutique-style 4*, 5* class hotel products with impressive and emotional services. OHG always considers a customer satisfaction as a measure of success.


OHG aims to become a leading group in a field of management, operation and investment in construction of the most luxurious and ranked 4*, 5* Boutique Hotel in Vietnam. We aim to build the Group to become a Vietnamese hotel management brand of international stature.

Culture - Core values

OHG has constantly strived to build a diversified and high-class system of products and services under the international standards. All staffs of OHG are imbued with the tradition of hospitality, dedication, responsibility, honesty and professionalism to meet the diversified, luxury needs of the customers.

  • Personalize Service: OHG has thoroughly understood each customer, created unique and memorable personal services for all customers, with hardly, carefully and enthusiastically working of OHG’s staffs to bring the customers Wow services.
  • Wow service: OHG provides a warm and consistent personal service, taking care of the individual details of each customer in each specific case of providing products and services, showing care and ability to predict the needs / desires of customers, making customers have a surprising experience of products and services.
  • Customer Centric: OHG always puts customers as the center, prestige with customers as a guideline in all actions, proactively learn, create, innovate, adapt quickly to improve the quality of products - services.
  • People: Gather elite people to make elite products and services; All members enjoy the elite life and contribute to build an elite society.
  • OHG desires to build a streamlined workforce that has  Virtue and Talent, where each member is an excellent factor in his work.
  • OHG always appreciates employees as the most valuable asset, builds a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment, implements superior welfare policies, facilitates high income and fair development opportunity for all employees.
  • At OHG, the first important quality on the journey to realize business mission is honesty. Honesty means always respect for the truth, respect for the right, upright, honest living and braveness in admitting error when making mistakes. OHG’s people are honest with themselves, with colleagues, with customers and with the whole society.
  • Stay passionate: With a passion for the profession, OHG is committed to bringing products - services above expectations to customers, dedicated to customers, dedicated to work, always interested in demonstrating ethical standards for customers, partners, relationships, community and society. OHG builds relationships with customers, partners, colleagues and society with goodwill, affection, humanity.
  • Learning: OHG staffs constantly develop and hone their skills and expertise to bring special and outstanding services to customers. OHG is always moving forward by never stopping moving and learning.
  • Innovation: With the motto that customers are god, and the aim to bring absolute satisfaction to customers, OHG constantly innovates and creates unique, special products and services with its own mark.
  • Respectful: OHG shows respect and appreciation for its employees - internal customers, partners and customers, at OHG - employees are always acknowledged and encouraged to develop themselves.
  • Team work: OHG believes that every success is created from the strength of the collective, OHG is a solid, united team in which each member loves, cooperates and helps each other in their work to achieve general goals of the corporation.
  • Community Responsibility: OHG is committed to the principle of "sharing is giving", OHG develops in the direction of integration, sustainability, and business efficiency associated with indigenous cultural values, community benefits, and nature friendliness and environmental protection.

  • Commitment: OHG is a house with common awareness and actions, every member should be proud and consider OHG as their second home. Each member must be truly happy in this house in order to make their customers happy, always consensus is the most powerful "weapon" that creates collective strength; Internal solidarity, respect for discipline are a measure of success.

OHG Hotel Chain includes:

Address: No 92 - 94 Hang Trong Street, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Distric, Hanoi

Address: No 38A Tran Phu Street, Old quarter, Hoan Kiem Distric, Hanoi

Address: No 02 Ngo Cau Go Street, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Address: No 122 Hang Bong Street, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Address: No 58 Hang Dao Street, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Wish you a happy vacation! We are always looking forward to providing you the best quality of service.